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Smooth Transitions of NY


Every home has a heart made up of precious objects with a past and splendid treasures with a future.

It is our job to ensure that no matter where your feet land, that the heart of your home arrives with you.

Whether you are downsizing from a long time home to a smaller apartment, or simply moving from one community to another, we can help you:


  • Plan your transition to ensure it is quick and painless
  • Sort your treasures and belongings into what to keep, disperse, sell, donate, or recycle/responsibly   dispose
  • Pack your items   professionally and carefully
  • Move all your items to your new home
  • Unpack your items
  • Setup your new home from  making your bed to programming your TV remote
  • Disperse treasured assets you can't bring to family and friends
  • Connect you with online auction or estate sale resources to help offset your cost to transition

Keith Reed, President